1. Constitution


2. By-Laws

By Laws

3. Rules and Regulations


4. Appeals Procedure


5. Tournaments & Travel Permits


6. Red Card Procedure

Red Card

7. Fees and Fines

Adopted November 2017
Team Performance Bond (Due by 1st Membership Meeting)[1]$300
Annual Team Affiliation Fee - All Teams (Due by 1st Managers Meeting)$100
Annual Player Registration Fee - For all but Open Age Group$45
Annual Player Registration Fee - For Open Age Group only$35
Transfer Fee$5
Releasing Player$5
Replacement Player Pass Card (Team Name Change)$2
Red Card Fine (see Disciplinary Procedure)$35/$75
Fine for accumulating more than 12 Disciplinary Points$25
Fine for Referee Assault or Abuse$100
Protest Filing Fee ($15 refunded if protest is upheld)$25
Appeals Fee ($100 refunded if Appeal is upheld) $150
Team "No Show Fee"$140 (Plus cost of field rental)
Forfeitall applicable Referee and Field fees
Game Rescheduling Fee$7
Referees' Fees (Center = $60 each Assistant Referee = $40) $140 (each team pays $70)
Failure to present official on-line "Game Report" form $25
Failure to attend Managers Meeting (per incident)$25

Note: Payments may be made via PayPal, by check, or in cash.
1. Held in escrow and will be returned (minus any outstanding debt to the league) when team leaves the league.

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