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2017 MUSL Cup Finals Results

If you attended the Cup Finals/Picnic on Aug. 13 at Total Soccer Park in Washington Township, we hope you had a great time. This was our first year at the new facility and we assumed there would be some “growing pains”, but it came off much better than expected. Many thanks to the people behind the scenes who helped make this day a success: First, Tracy and Larry Myers (Jr) who planned the event and put it all together; Tracy’s family (Mom and Dad - Marcia and Don Schmidt, sister Annette and nephew Dominic) who cooked and served the food, kept the water and drink coolers filled and whatever else it took; 3 Romeo High School students who toiled Saturday and Sunday, bringing over tons of food and drinks to the field, setting up tables and chairs, picking up trash during and after the event.
Next, a big thank you to our sponsors, both long-time supporters of our MUSL Cups: Piotr Synowiec of Cattleman’s Meat, who donated all the meat (hamburgers, hot dogs, Polish sausage) for the Picnic. Piotr is a member of the MUSL (WHAM SC) and has donated the meat for our Cups for a number of years. Leftover meat this year was given to charity. Also sponsoring for the past several years was Waad Sana of Soccer World, who donated the player shirts for all 16 teams. Waad is also a member of the MUSL (WHAM SC).
Cup Final Results (all hard fought, close games with no red cards):
Open Div - SCFC over Livonia City, 1-0
Over 30 1st/2nd – Carpathia Kickers A over UK Royals, 1-0
Over 30 3rd – FSC Mustangs over Wixom United, 3-0
Over 30 4th – GISA United over 168 FC, 2-1
Over 40 1st/2nd – Croatia SC over Livonia Bullets, 4-1
Over 40 3rd – Anchor Bay Anchors over Brighton FC, 2-1
Over 48 – Farmington Bullets over Drita SC, 1-0
Over 55 – Chaldean American Arsenal over Farmington Bullets, 3-1
Thanks to all.
MUSL Board of Directors

$50 Fine for Missing Gamesheets

Invoices have been mailed out to those dozen or so home team managers who still have not sent in gamesheets for games longer than 10 days ago (currently, missing games run from April 23 to August 10). We are no longer posting "missing in action" lists. We don't have time to chase down missing gamesheets. We've gone thru the reasons for their importance multiple times. From now on, if more than 10 days have past since your game was played and we have not received your gamesheet, you will be fined $50 per game - no warnings.
MUSL Board

Important Message

3.10.3 Violent Conduct........................................................ 10 Points (#8 on Game Sheet) Spitting at Another Person 10 Points (#9 on Game Sheet) ...................................... The player shall stand suspended until the Director of Discipline announces the length of the suspension, which could include the player being banned from the MUSL. The team shall be fined $75 and shall pay the fine within 10 days of notice or the player will remain suspended until the fine has been paid. The suspension will be applied to all league and founders’ Cup games for which the player is registered throughout the MUSL. If the player is registered to more than one team, the player’s points shall be applied to the age group in which the points were earned.

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