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I can't register. Now what?

If you can't seem to register it might be because your Manager has not added you to your team's roster. Please contact your Manager and ask them.


Your team roster should be built by now. If you haven't started yet - your players cannot register. Here are the steps again (in case you lost them):

Go to musl.demosphere.com/teams and use your email address to log in and create your PIN.
Click on teams (if it automatically took you to your team when you logged in you do not have to click on Teams)
Find your team and click on it.
You should be automatically logged into your team page and you should see a box that says words like "settings" "roster" "contacts" etc. If, for some reason, you aren't seeing that box you need to find the Team Log in button and click it.
Click on Roster
Click on Add New Players.
Click on Search for an Existing Player.
Type your player's Last name in the box and click on Search
Click the ADD button for the player you want to add and then click on Save.
At this point the software will take you back to your roster and you will see the player you just added. You can then click on that player and edit his personal player information if you want to (add a number, position, etc)

Follow these instructions for adding NEW players that are NOT in the database:
Click the Roster button at the top of the page
Click the 'add new player' link
Search for an 'existing player' to make sure they are NOT in the database
Click the 'create new player' link
Fill out the information for the new player and be sure to include an email so they can login and pay once rostered
It is VERY important that you spell their name correctly AND enter their correct email address of they will not be able to register.

Thank you!



If you registered and paid on the old site you are good. You can still sign into Demosphere and edit your personal information if needed. If your name is RED right now it doesn't matter. The old website payment information will be migrated to the new website.

In other words, you don't need to ask if you need to pay again. Because you don't.


How do I pay my team/league fee? How do I register?

Step 1:​ Go to the following link: ​http://musl.demosphere.com/teams

Step 2:​ Find your team in the list at the above link and click your team name.

Step 3:​ Once you click the team name, you are brought to the team page where you will see information about your team. You will see a roster of players the league or a team contact has entered. Above the roster, click on ​Make a Payment​.

Step 4:​ Once you click on ​Make a Payment​, you are brought to the roster list for you to select your name. Names in red have not yet paid. Click on your name.

Step 5:​ Once you click on your name and you will be prompted to log in. Log in via the email on file with the league. If you do not know your pin, you can retrieve it by clicking the ​click here button and have it sent to your email.

NOTE*​ If you do not see your name on the roster list, this indicates the league/coach/team contact has not added you as a player. You need to contact your Manager to have them add you to the roster. Once you are added to the roster you can follow the steps above to submit payment/register for the league.

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