Game Day Procedure


Game Day Procedures

Before the start of a game, the Manager/Coach of the home team must provide:

a. A lined field that meets FIFA requirements,

b. Goal nets

c. Corner flags

d. Change of colors (uniform jerseys)

e. One (1) Captain, designated with a captain’s arm band

Before the start of the game, each team manager must present the game officials with:

a. Compensation; each team paying half of the total fee (see Table of Fees and Fines in Appendix A).

b. A completed “MUSL Game Card” (A roster is NOT a Game Card). Failure to use the authorized MUSL Game Card Form will be subject to a fine and cancellation of the match via forfeit (see Appendix A, Fees and Fines). Only players of the Open Age Group who are switching between “First” and “Reserve” teams are permitted to be handwritten into the Game Card Form.

c. Ineligible and/or absent players must have a line drawn through their name. Players serving a suspension must be listed in the “Suspended Player” section. Their suspension shall not be considered as having been served until their name has been entered in the “Suspended Player” section of the Game Card Form for the applicable number of games the rules prescribe. Once the office has received the Referee Report, the names of suspended players will not show up printed on the Game Card Form until the fine for the suspension has been paid Michigan United Soccer League Rules & Regulations

d. The MUSL pass cards of his/her players. (The referee will return the pass cards to the manager/coach at the end of the game, except those of players sent off, which shall be sent to the MUSL PO Box together with the referee’s game report). A government issued State ID or Driver License may be used in place of a player pass card that has not yet been issued see (f) below.  

e. No one may play in any MUSL matches without having been issued an MUSL pass card. If you don't have a pass card for a player, please contact the Registrar at . A government issued State ID or Driver License may be used in place of a player pass card that has not yet been issued see (f) below.  

f. If pass card(s) is/are not available at the start of the game, the affected player(s) must show a government issued picture ID to the referee and sign the back of the game card. No player will be allowed to play in a match if his/her name is not printed on the game card. Failure to follow this procedure may serve as basis for a game protest and result in a game forfeiture.

Upon conclusion of the game, both managers/coaches shall check the referee’s entries into the Game Card for accuracy and completeness before signing the Game Card, making sure that:

a. The final score is noted correctly,

b. The goals and discipline are attributed to the correct players,

c. The reasons for cautions or send-offs are provided,

d. Any injuries have been noted,

e. A request for re-scheduling may be entered into the Game Card if the game was not played to full time (60 minutes) for any reason.


The HOME manager will take photos of BOTH game cards and upload them to the MUSL website via the Google Form link provided. Failure to upload the game cards will result in a $25 fine per incident. 

Both Managers must log into the MUSL website within 48 hours and report their games scores, player goals and any yellow or red cards. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine per incident. 

Game cards with red cards:  Pictures of the game cards with player card(s) should be forwarded to as soon as possible following the match to ensure it gets processed in a timely fashion.  This should be done by both teams to ensure continuity.



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